Lars is a primary advisor for 5 Graduate students and he currently works with 10 Postdoctoral Fellows.
You can find the list of the group's alumni here .

Ph.D. Students

Magdalena Siwek

Magdalena (G-6) develops numerical simulations of circumbinary disks (CBDs), and studies the effect of CBD driven binary evolution on EM transients and GW source populations.

Angus "Gus" Beane

Gus (G-5) works on controlled simulations of galaxies, with a particular focus on understanding the formation and evolution of the Milky Way.

Ana Maria Delgado

Ana Maria's (G-4) explores topics in cosmology using large hydrodynamical simulations and machine learning. She is currently using MTNG for improving mass estimates of large galaxy clusters from multiwavelength sources.

Mouza Almualla

Mouza (G-2) works on using the THESAN simulations to provide predictions for future Line Intensity Mapping surveys; these surveys aim to measure the integrated emission from a specific molecular or atomic line over a range of redshifts, allowing us to probe much larger volumes of the observable Universe than previously possible.

Olga Borodina

Olga (G-2) runs hydrodynamical simulations of jets in the galactic center that propogate through interstellar medium and cause galaxy quenching.


Kaley Brauer

Kaley develops and analyzes dwarf galaxy simulations in the early Universe to understand the first stars & galaxies and how they contributed to the Milky Way.

Kung-Yi Su

Kung-Yi works on galaxy simulations, studying AGN feedback and black hole accretion, as well as their interplay with cosmic rays.

Paola Domínguez Fernández

Paola's lines of research are cosmic magnetism (origin and evolution of magnetic fields in the Universe) and non-thermal phenomenae in galaxy clusters (particle acceleration mechanisms and magnetic field amplification in the intracluster medium).

Vadim Semenov

Vadim designs and analyzes supercomputer simulations of galaxies to gain insights into how galaxies form and evolve; in particular, how galactic disks form, why star formation is inefficient, as well as a variety of other topics in computational galaxy formation.

Jake Bennett

Jake works on galaxy formation simulations, particularly focussing on the gaseous haloes around galaxies and the growth of early galaxies (and their black holes) in the Universe.

Yueying Ni

Yueying mainly works on cosmological simulations of galaxy formation, studying the growth, feedback and coalescence of massive black holes.

Sarah Jeffreson

The over-arching goal of Sarah's research is to understand the cycle of star formation across the wide variety of galactic environments in our Universe. To this end, Sarah uses a combination of analytic theory and numerical simulations to study the connection between the large-scale properties of galaxies and the evolution of the molecular gas reservoirs in which stars form.

Dian "Pipit" Triani

Pipit's research focuses on the theoretical simulation of galaxy formation, spectral energy distribution (SED) and emission line modelling.

Fabio Pacucci

Fabio's research focuses on the theoretical and observational aspects of "all things black holes": from local ones to the farthest ever discovered, from the small to the supermassive ones.

Scott Lucchini

Scott runs and analyzes high-resolution hydrodynamical simulations of galaxies to understand gas dynamics and galaxy evolution specifically focusing on the formation and fate of cold gas around galaxies.

Yifei Jin

Yifei works on photoionization models to understand the emission-line behaviours across different types of galaxies at different redshifts.

Our group's friends

Jesse Han

Jesse (G-5) is a student at the CfA co-advised by Lars. He explores ways to use the Milky Way galaxy as a laboratory for dark matter.

Michael Foley

Mike (G-6) combines numerical simulations and multi-wavelength observations of stellar feedback, specifically aimed at quantifying our understanding of these processes in 3D turbulent media.

Erica Nelson

Erica is an Assistant Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Colorado, Boulder and was a PostDoc at Lars's group.

Blakesley Burkhart

Blakesley is an Assistant Professor at Rutgers. Her research is focused on understanding the nature of magnetic turbulence at all scales in the universe. This includes the diffuse and star forming interstellar medium (ISM) and the turbulent nature of nearby galaxies.

Rahul Kannan

Rahul is an Assistant Professor at York University in Toronto, Canada

Rainer Weinberger

Rainer is a group leader at the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP). His research is focused on cosmological structure formation and astrophysical fluid dynamics, with interests in multi-phase gases in and around galaxies, accretion flows, and feedback effects from active galactic nuclei on their host galaxies.

Kim-Vy Tran

Vy is an Associate Director for Internal Relations at the CfA and her astronomy research program advances our knowledge of how galaxies assemble over cosmic time by capitalizing on the high resolution, extreme sensitivity, and broad wavelength coverage of ground and space-based telescopes.

Boryana Hadzhiyska

Boryana works on various concepts in theoretical cosmology that involve simulation-based modeling such as the galaxy-halo connection link, the distribution of baryons around clusters and the joint study of late- and early-Universe probes.

Our furry friends


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